Deadline: 31 Jan 2022
Residency period: 2022
Residency duration: 3 weeks – 3 months
Karelian Art residence network (KARN) announces the open call for one or several art residences of the network in 2022.

Karelian art residence network includes three independent art residencies in Petrozavodsk, Sortavala and Kostomuksha nature reserve,united by their geographical position and an umbrella image of a comfortable space for creativity ("Northern paradise"), each having its own thematic particularity and concept frame.

Art residence "Petrozavodsk" focuses on support of artists and creative groups, their interests aim at design, forecasting and visualization of new types and forms of alternative worlds and realities, consideration of time role in contexts of utopian images.

Art residence "Sortavala" is designed first of all for artists interested in local area study and new local contexts. This art residence positions itself as a space for multi discipline activities, it opens interactions capacities in research in different art fields through artistic methods (artists, photographers, graphic artists) and comprehensive projects through the practice of "cultural engagement" (performance, theater, dance, Open air, site specific art, etc.)
There is an accommodation fee.

Art residence "Kostomuksha" locates in Kostomukshsky nature reserve Concept: hybrid arts focused on observation and study of processes running in wild nature.

This open call is arranged by Center of folk arts and cultural initiatives of the Republic of Karelia.
Working languages are English and Russian.
  • artists
  • painters
  • designers
  • photographers
  • writers
  • IT-specialists
  • architects
  • performers
  • dancers
  • art experts etc.
Resident should be ready to participate in cultural and educational activities for local people. Karelian art residence network will not finance residents expenditure on travel, meals, consumables, passport and visa fees. Arrangement of required trips within staying in Karelia is subject to individual negotiations with every art residents and depending on the capabilities of a particular art residence.

Upon the season end of functioning KARN 2022 - 2023 in 2024, the final exhibition - First Triennial "Immediate access storage" is planned to be arranged, wherein will be exhibited art activities of Karelian art residencies. Their curators will therefore select the works of those artists– in - residents whose projects have the brightest and the most convincing reflection of the thematic "face" (outlook) of each of three art residences and the triennial theme.

The theme of the First KARN Triennial is revealed in the title "New Northern Light". Romantic concept, presenting new art spaces and its creators through the prism of experience and artistic traditions of the North (Scandinavia, Finland, North-West Russia). The traditions of Romanticism should form the basis of a special sense-harmonic understanding of the world, present in the themes, forms and practices declared by the artists-applicants.

KARN's first Triennial presents the most successful projects of the artists-in-residence within the declared theme of the Triennial by the instrumentality of extensive sociocultural program and concurrent series of exhibitions. It is envisaged that the program of the Triennial will take place in a hybrid format (offline and online) at three venues and will be available also on the online platform.
1. Applications for participation are accepted in art residences of Karelia from artists attained 18 years old, from all countries of the world or regions of the Russian Federation.

2. Applications for participation in the call are to be forwarded within the period: 27 of November – 31 of December 2021 (inclusively). Applications shall be forwarded in digital form to the e-mail:

3. Duration of activities for artists is limited from three weeks to three months.

4. Requirements to the application:
  • Name, surname of the applicant, age, permanent address.
  • Contact information (e-mail, telephone, page in social networks).
  • Motivation letter (maximum 2 pages, format A4, font 12, PDF\Word).Therein an applicant should point out the aim of her/his participation in art residences of Karelia, desired period of stay and dates, a residence, where he/she would like to work on the project or explain the transfer and work in two or three residences of the network due to the concept of the project.
  • CV (Curriculum Vitae\PDF\Word).
  • Portfolio (PDF\Word)
  • relevance to the terms of the call and thematic particularity and concept frame of the chosen art residence;
  • relevance to the thematic frame of the Triennial;
  • project feasibility;
  • forethought of work with local people: master-classes, presentations of new techniques and technologies, creative meetings or other forms;
  • consent to provide a work(s) or presentation of results in the Triennial.
  • Call applications are to be submitted from the 27th of November till the 31st of December 2021.
  • Assessment of applications by the Expert council of KARN from the 10th of January till the 22th of January 2021.
  • Information about awarded applications will be delivered to applicants by e-mail after the 23th of January 2021.

Detailed information about the call is published in social networks "Vkontakte" and "Facebook"
Additional information is provided by the e-mail
Coordinator of the Karelian art residence network Varvara Feklistova.