Open Call: Artkommunalka Residence 2023-24

Deadline: 21st November 2022
Residency period: 2023-24
Residency duration: from 3 weeks to 2 months
Eligibility: artists and writers
October 24, 2022 is the start of THE 10TH OPEN INTERNATIONAL ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE COMPETITION to receive grants for the realization of creative projects in the visual arts and literature in Kolomna in 2023-2024.

Artists and writers who are prepared to create projects in the Kolomna art residency in accordance with the terms of the competition are invited to take part. This year the competition is held to select the residents for two years 2023 and 2024. Since 2011, more than 100 authors have worked at the Artkommunalka residence.

The competition is to support the boldest and most radical creative projects in keeping with the spirit and objectives of developing modern art and literature. Attention to artistic interpretation of the Kolomna's modern life and heritage is welcome.

Contemporary visual arts: art projects revealing the artist's world and presenting the artist in their context.
Modern prose, poetry and drama: the literature residence is a laboratory of meanings, a 'writer's study room' with the opportunity for communication with the public. The outcomes of the writing projects should be texts in Russian.
Silk and weaving. A timely theme for Kolomna connected with the launch of the project to revive the art of the Kolomna silk weaving, to interpret the 'genome' of a textile Kolomna through contemporary art and creative writing.

More info here.
Projects that meet the objectives of the competition will be considered. Artistic and writing projects in the spirit of "the culture of participation" involving the local community and different groups of people in the creative work and realized in Kolomna's public spaces are particularly welcome. Projects offering educational art programs to children and adults are also welcome.

  • an application form must be submitted in Russian or in English. The application form can be downloaded here
  • supporting pdf files and/or a link to personal website or social media account are welcome
  • applications should be sent to; the email should have the following text in the subject field:

    Please wait to receive confirmation of application from the administrators
Winners will receive the right to reside at the art residence and a grant to realize their project.

Winners should not have any contractual relations or agreements with other institutions for the term of their residency.

The amount of the grant
for artists: 50,000 + 20,000* RUB
for writers: 35,000 + 20,000* RUB

*Each grant includes 20,000 RUB for the presentation of the completed project (creating an exhibition, video and photo materials, promotion, publication etc.).

Each stay at the residence includes:

free accommodation at the residential workshop,
return travel expenses from the winner's place to residence;
visa and insurance expenses (for foreign citizens).

Grant payment procedure: the first part of the grant (25,000 RUB for artists and 17,500 RUB for writers) will be paid upon arrival at the residence and agreement of the project plan; the remaining part upon completion of the residency program.
  • the realization of a proposed (and never previously realized) project in the art residence within the given time frame (from 3 weeks to 2 months);
  • an introductory meeting and presentation of the proposed project with an account of previously-realized projects and plans for the residence;
  • involvement in the social life of the museum residence (open days, master classes, lectures, media interviews);
  • a final presentation of the project in the form of an exhibition (for artists) or a prepared text and its presentation to the public (including in the form of an exhibition or a reading for writers);
  • for artists: the transfer of one of the works completed at the residence (chosen by the Artkommunalka judging panel) to the holdings of the museum residence and/or its copyright (terms and conditions as agreed with the judging panel).
  • for writers: granting the Museum residence the right to publish a creative work or part of it (in a catalogue, on a website, etc.) and other rights to use it as agreed with the Artkommunalka judging panel; for any subsequent publication of texts written as part of the art residence, the Artkommunalka museum residency should always be specified as the place where the text was written
  • Application deadline – 21st November 2022
  • All applications will be considered by the judging panel. Reasons for the rejection of applications will not be given and no correspondence will be entered into. Applicants must take responsibility for copyright issues for the texts and images submitted.
  • The results of the competition will be sent to participants via email no later than12th December 2022 and posted on Artkommunalka's internet site and social media: