(DDLN EXTENDED to Jan, 9) Open Call: VYKSA AIR 2022

Deadline: 15 Dec 2021
Residency period: 15 February – 20 December 2022
Residency duration: 4–8 weeks
VYKSA AiR was founded by the OMK-Uchastie Charity Foundation in 2017. It is a year-round platform for art professionals that provides residents with an opportunity to execute projects and conduct research in the Russian town of Vyksa. The prime consideration for selection is the project's focus on interaction with the local context and community on-site. VYKSA AiR invites all artists regardless of their age, creative medium, and location, to participate. The duration of the programme is 4–8 weeks.

The OMK Foundation may acquire or purchase selected works created in residency. Works will be considered for our collection on a case-by-case basis.

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Grant for production: up to 40,000 RUB.

  • Accommodation: a bedroom with an en-suite in the Vyksa AiR building.
  • Access to a lounge, a study, a kitchen with all mod cons, and all things necessary for comfortable residence and working on a project.
  • Vyksa AiR boasts a private apple orchard, which can be used for picnics and outdoor activities, as well as a 20 sq.m. artist's studio.
  • Materials and equipment: please contact us to check the available equipment and discuss the purchase of necessary materials in advance of your residency.
The residency allocates up to 20,000 RUB for the materials.

*Additional expenses: Vyksa AiR reimburses travel costs of up to 5,000 RUB. This usually covers train tickets and a taxi from the nearest train station (Navashino).
  • Welcome Lecture
    Introduction of our resident artists to the local community is among the residency's main objectives as it is one the few platforms in Vyksa that holds cultural events, instrumental to forging new connections and integrating locals into the international cultural process.
  • Workshop/Lecture
    The next step of the programme is conducting a masterclass/workshop or a lecture on any subject of choice. It is crucial that we do not merely introduce the resident to the audience, but foster a dialogue that would engage the community in the creative process. We want Vyksa natives to get the ins and outs of the artist's work and, when possible, participate in putting together a new project.
  • Final Project
    At the end of their stay, Vyksa AiR residents should sum up the results of their research and work for the final exhibition (or any other form of presentation). We encourage the artists to analyze their experience at the residency and share the outcome with the local community.
The residency focuses on executing projects by professional artists. Therefore, when selecting projects for participation, we pay close attention to the CV, portfolio, and, above all, the proposed concept as well as whether it would fit within the specified time frame. Priority is given to applications that propose engaging with the local community and context. The successful applications are selected by the panel of experts by secret ballot.