St. Petersburg Art Residency
Saint Petersburg
Founded: 2012

Founder: Museum of nonconformist art, Pushkinskaya-10 art center

Duration: 2 weeks to 3 months

Deadline: throughout the year

Selection Method: Open Call
The St. Petersburg Art Residency (SPAR) was founded in 2012 in the oldest local art center Pushkinskaya-10. The program invites art professionals from all over the world to live and create in Russia's cultural capital. But it is much more than just working on a project in a guest studio. Being part of the SPAR means experiencing a whole artistic adventure by becoming a community member, exploring the city's unique cultural landscape and presenting your own art.

The residency regularly accepts participants from Europe, US, Canada, Asia, South America, Australia and Africa. Being a platform for transcultural communication the program supports continious exchange between artists and researchers of various art directions and media, with different artistic training and world-views.

At the end ot their residencies the participants hold a public presentation of their projects in a form of a solo exhibition, performance, artist talk or publication.

The SPAR participants live and work in a unique cultural surrounding of the lively art centre Pushkinskaya-10 located in the historical part of St. Petesburg. It is home to 40 studios of St. Petersburg artists, musicians and performers, exhibition venues and concert stages the artists-inresidence are welcome to explore.

The St. Petersburg Art Residency is a member of Res Artis and TransArtists international networks.

Due to the current global lockdown SPAR is now functioning via an online platform.
No restrictions
No restrictions
Animation; Architecture; Video Art; Visual Arts; Research; Curatorial; Ceramics; Literature; Music and Sound Art; Science Art; Media Art; Participatory Art; Performance; Street Art; Dance; Theater; Textile Art; Photography
Number of participants in the group
Working Conditions
Private Studio (adjacent to accommodation);
Shared Studio
Visa and/or Travel Grant Assistance;
Final Exhibition;
Curatorial Visits;
Curatorial Texts
Living Conditions
Shared Flat;
Private Room
Final Presentation
Application or stay cost
Cost of accommodation (individual)
Possibility to stay with family