New Practices of Metenkov
Founded: 2016

Founder: Dom Metenkova Photography Museum

Duration: 1 to 3 months

Deadline: to be announced later

Selection Method: Mixed
The Museum of Photography "Metenkov's House" (Russia, Yekaterinburg) launches the program of residences "The New Stories of Yekaterinburg» for photographers and the artists working with photography. The project "The New Stories of Yekaterinburg" won the grant competition of museum projects "Changing Museum in a Changing World" held by Vladimir Potanin's Fund in 2016.

About the program
Yekaterinburg is a big Russian city, a typical city in the Urals which preserves the traces of the XVIII century and demonstrates the visible changes of the XXI century. Its city life tightly weaves the diverse historical heritage (the structure of down town planning, the tales from the Gold-rush age and the legends about the caves, merchants' mansions and industrial architecture, social towns and bedroom suburbs) and constant updating. The landscapes, once wiped away off the face of the Earth; the skyscrapers sticking out over the city, its hectic life, the spatial expansion for walking and shopping, a large number of exhibitions and concert halls, clubs and cafes on the one hand, and unsettled social state and anxiety, political conflicts – on the other. The spatial and social inhomogeneity of the city, the stories of its citizens make a city an interesting and at the same time challenging object of photography and artistic interpretation. Photography is one of the most important tools for the city exploration and for the forming of the city life images which express both: the poetry of a particular place and its conflicts within as well. The objective for the residents is the study of everyday life, the structures of urban space, Yekaterinburg individual communities and the creation of photographic stories about specific blocks and city-dwellers. Photograph allows you to pay attention to all the details. The resident program offers the photographers and artists who do not live in it to meet Yekaterinburg and share their vision with the city locals.

About the residence
The Museum of Photography "Metenkov's House" is located in a mansion built in the late XIX century in the center of Yekaterinburg. The building was constructed by photographer Benjamin Metenkov due to the photographs, postcards, albums and newsreels of which we can see the city life and the Urals as a whole at the turn of XIX–XX centuries. In 1990s there was a Museum of Photography opened in the mansion. The museum has held the exhibitions of Bruce Gilden, Roger Ballen, Oleg Klimov Sergey Maximishin, Brassaï and a lot of other photographers of thepast and the present. "Metenkov's House" is a department of the Museum of Yekaterinburg History. The residents will be working in a creative workshop at the museum. The result of the work will be presented as an exhibition in the "Metenkov's House".

Working conditions for the participants
The program implies a 2 months' stay of each artist in the residence in Yekaterinburg, the artist's meetings with the local community within the framework of open days in his workshop, roundtables or conferences, lectures, master classes, creative meetings. The participants get their tickets for departure and return paid up, offered the accommodation free of charge, an artwork shop to work in the museum and an exhibition hall. The participants receive all the necessary technical and financial assistance in the creation of the project and the exhibition. The residents are assisted in organizing the interviews with the local residents and filming process, get the access to archives, museums, libraries and other organizations of the city. The works of art created on the basis of the artist's residence enter the museum's collection. The fee for the results of the author's work is not provided.
No restrictions
Video Art; Visual Arts; Research; Media Art; Photography
Number of participants in the group
Working Conditions
Private Studio
Transportation fee
Visa and/or Travel Grant Assistance;
Final Exhibition;
Curatorial Visits
Living Conditions
Private Flat;
Private Room
Final Presentation;
Public Events;
Open Studios;
Public Access to the Studio;
Donation of an Artwork
Application or stay cost
Free of charge
Possibility to stay with family