The First Forum of Association of Artistic residences of Russia
Nov 8-12, 2019 / Ekaterinburg
More than 30 artistic residences are currently active in Russia; most of them have emerged in the last 5-6 years. The format is establishing itself in the Russian context, it shows its efficiency, acquires specific traits, opens up new areas for artists and stimulates up the cultural exchange. Without any doubt, the number of Russian residences will be constantly growing in the following years.

The need for the Association of artistic residences of Russia has been acknowledged by professional community and was previously discussed during the meeting of the residences in Kolomna (2017) and at the "Artistic residences in Russia" seminar in Saint Petersburg (May, 2019). The first forum of the upcoming organization is initiated by the Museum of the City History of Ekaterinburg and supported by Vladimir Potanin Charity Foundation.

What is the Forum on?

The membership and operations of the Association are being developed. As a part of the Association of artistic residences of Russia, it is planned to launch the website aimed at gathering information on working residences around the country and the calls for applications announced by them.

The forum, which takes place in November of 2019 in Ekaterinburg, will become a crucial step towards the consolidation of the Association and will help to move on to the practical operations:
- to approve the manifesto of the Association of artistic residences of Russia and the basic policies of its operation;
- to prepare the first publication in Russian highlighting the format of the artistic residences;
- to practically analyze the principles of the operation of artistic residence;
- to list the operational aspects where the participation of the Association is possible or needed;
- to discuss the future website of the Association.

What is the Forum about?

The program includes:
- closed events for the discussion of the format-related issues: working groups, workshops, seminars for participants;
- open meetings aimed at extending the audience: round tables, discussions, presentations.

The core values of the forum are popularization of the artistic residences' format in Russia and the creation of the productive environment for those who are interested in this format. Therefore, there has been a number of less formal events planned. The forum will focus on the discussion of issues of artistic residences, as well as practical analysis of the difficulties, cases and their limitations in the working conditions of residences in Russia.

The program of the forum is expected to be compiled and published by September, 15, 2019. The dates of the forum are subject to minor changes in the process of negotiating the program.

Who are the participants?

Representatives of the majority of artistic residences of Russia are expected to take part in the forum. We are also inviting our foreign colleagues: that will allow to get understanding about larger experience of artistic residences in Europe, America and Asia.

Working languages: Russian and English.

Please, note that the translation is provided during the open events. In case of a closed workshop or an informal event the translation from English won't be provided.

How to contact us?
If you have any questions or require any particular information, please e-mail us at